Wellness Kinesiology Certification


Levels Available


Level 1  11am-7pm  2 DAYS 16 hrs 

Level 2  11am-7pm  2 DAYS 16 hrs  

Classes are usually held on a weekend from 11am–7pm  

Free yourself from stress!!!


Learn how to help yourself, family or your clients with energy imbalances. How to diffuse physical, emotional and mental stress using easy to learn and highly effective techniques I have used for over 26 years in my practice. Learn how to do muscle testing (applied kinesiology) effectively.

Level 1: Wellness Kinesiology 1 : 16 hrs $320

Save $40 get level 1 & 2 together for $599

In this workshop you will learn and practice how to:  

  • Identify the physical and psychological effects of stres
  • Use muscle testing to identify what is the cause of he distress.
  • Learn techniques to effectively release the physical, emotional and mental effects of stress
  • Remove performance anxiety before a speech, presentation, or exam
  • Access and defuse the stressful memories from a distressful event in your past or future
  • Test for and correct conflicts between right and left-brain hemispheres
  • Incorporate additional modalities to release even deeper levels of stress
  • Identify and release blocks to successful weight loss and habit change​
  • Assist recovery from illness
  • Improve self-image and financial well-being.

Level 2: Wellness Kinesiology 2 : 16 hrs $320


In this workshop you will learn and practice how to:

  • Use several more techniques for defusing stress to use for yourself and others
  • Eliminate negative habits
  • How to reprogram the subconscious to get it to work with you instead of against you​
  • Quickly defuse the energy of negative states
  • Make sure that desired change is appropriate
  • Find and eliminate blocks to achieving your goals
  • Help yourself and others end procrastination
  • Manage time skillfully and effectively
  • Release tension in the shoulders, neck, and back through simple exercises
  • Work with clients and use this effective work with them.

Prerequisite: level 1

​​Certification by the Topping Institute Instructor: Tonya Swan

 Tonya Swan Hypnotherapy In Issaquah, Bremerton and Hawaii