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Tonya Swan Author, Instructor and Therapist

​About Tonya

Tonya has been helping people attain their health goals through individual sessions and classes since 1990. She uses techniques that drastically reduce the time needed to attain freedom from stress. If you or a loved one are looking to improve your health and/or reduce your stress call her today.
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Tonya  was trained in 1990 in European Style Reflexology  (ZoneTherapy). This  is considered to be the Cadillac of training in the reflexology world. This  method has been used in hospitals and clinics throughout Europe and  Africa for over 30 years. It was developed and taught by the late Dr.  Charles Ersdal of Norway. She  was the first American student of Dr. Ersdal and graduated at the top  of her class.Tonya is nationally certified  though ARCB and state  certified through 

Washington State- Certifcation #RF60418976 


She has been practicing Reiki since 2002 and is a Reiki master. She gives individual Reiki sessions and teaches classes. Tonya also combines Reiki with her reflexology sessions which she feels greatly enhances the results.


She  trained in 2002 under Jamal Raman, Certified by the Wellness Institute  in Hypnotherapy and by the Newton Institute in Life between Life  Therapy. Tonya uses the power of hypnotherapy and guided imagery to  assist her clients in attaining altered states of awareness and in  gaining profound insights about themselves and others and to attain  desired goals. Biofeedback: Using the power of cutting edge  technologies. State Hypnotherapy registration # HP60407625 

Health Coaching

Having  been in the health care profession since 1975 Tonya has gained much  insight and information that she now uses to help her clients reach  their health goals. Tonya is certified as a Brain Health Coach by Amen  Clinics. Her passion is helping people get natural assistance for their  memory and mood challenges. 



She  uses the power of Zyto and Evox Biofeedback technologies and Wellness  Kinesiology  (applied kinesiology) cutting edge technologies to help you attain your goals.

ZYTO:  Bio-communication Technology that provides insight into health and  wellness. It allows your body to tell you what it prefers for it's  optimal well-being.

Evox: Change your perception change your life through voice repatterning technology.


She  uses biofeedback technology to train her clients to reach the desired  brain wave states for deep meditation. It takes the guess work out of  the process and enables clients to learn how to reach incredible states  of relaxation and meditation at will. 

Evox Perception Reframing