European Reflexology Certification


Levels Available

Level 1  11am-7pm  2 DAYS 16 hrs Continuing Education Credits

Level 2  11am-7pm  2 DAYS 16 hrs Continuing Education Credits 

Classes are usually held on a weekend from 11am–7pm 

NCBTMB Certified



Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands). Reflexology is relaxing and helps alleviate stress. The theory is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to the foot  to bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body. In class we use foot charts and learn where and how to apply pressure to specific areas. 

This is a great method to use to use for self healing,  help family members improve their health as well as use professionally as a healing modality.


Level 1: Beginning European Reflexologist: 16 hrs $320*

 *Save  $40 by getting level 1 & 2 together for $599 

For everyone who wants to treat themselves and loved ones  

  • Preparing for a treatment 
  • Exact one hour treatment sequence
  • Learn and practice with supervision
  • Benefits of reflexology
  • Indications & contraindications
  • Basic history of the art & science of reflexology 
  • Detailed charts of the feet are included
  • Very detailed instruction
  • Begin Intuition development
  • Receive special color reflexology charts
  • Prerequisites: None

Level 2: Intermediate European Reflexology: 16 hrs $320*

For Professionals

  • Intermediate intuition development
  • Review of beginning points
  • Intermediate point work
  • Refining treatment technique
  • Reflexology as a profession: Legalities and licensing    
  • Hot rock point work
  • Energy point healing 
  • Extensive intermediate charts of the feet
  • Advanced color reflexology charts received
  • Supervised learning and practice
  • Prerequisites: Beginning class


Level 3-Advanced Classes: Master European Reflexologist: 6 classes

  Level 3 ; 4 hours $80 each

  • The Brain  4 hours
  • The Heart & Circulatory System 4 hours
  • The Lymphatic System  4 hours
  • The Muscular System  4 hours
  • The Spine and Nervous system  4 hours
  • Prerequisites: Beginning and Intermediate classes